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Nestled deep within the natural beauty of the Kuskanax valley, the Nakusp Hot Springs are community owned and operated and have the cleanest water and a view that is unsurpassed. The Hot Springs have the cleanest, clearest soaking mineral pools, with 200,000 litres of fresh, filtered water entering each pool every day.

There are two pools fed by water from natural mineral springs set in the forest a ways from the pools. The Hot Pool is kept at 107°F(41°C) in the winter and 103°F(38°C) in the summer. The Warm Pool is kept at 100°F(38°C) in the winter and 97°F(36°) in the summer.

Mineral Content

The mineral content the the waters consists of the following minerals in milligrams per litre:

  • CALCIUM: 62.200
  • CHLORIDES: 1.600
  • COPPER: 0.080
  • FLUORIDES: 2.850
  • LEAD: 0.014
  • MAGNESIUM: 0.280
  • POTASSIUM: 0.500
  • PHOSPHORUS: 0.003
  • SILICA: 62.500
  • SODIUM: 77.300
  • SULPHATES: 209.300

Hot Springs in the Evening

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