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What’s Balneotherapy?

Balneotherapy is the practical study and application of the health benefits of water. Hot spring therapy is an active approach in routine medical care in parts of Europe with prescriptions given by licensed doctors for treatment of a variety of conditions, utilizing mineral waters as a part of prevention and therapy. It is widely recognized and encouraged.

Nakusp Hot Springs offers 11 different therapeutic components to increase our constitution. From the perspective of Balneotherapy, it appears that sulphates may support liver and gastrointestinal conditions, and some respiratory conditions; the chlorides may help rheumatic conditions, arthritis, central nervous system conditions, posttraumatic and postoperative disorders, as well as orthopedic and gynecological diseases.

Soaking in water containing calcium may support bone health, arthritis, insomnia, menstrual concerns and cardiovascular health. Copper may support brain function, arthritis, skin care and immunity. Magnesium is a mineral known to support energy production and heart health and is essential for health; potassium may also support the heart, elimination of toxins and vibrant skin; phosphorus may improve bone health, brain function, sexual weakness, dental care, body metabolism. Silica may offer help for bones, skin, hair, nails, sleep disorders, atherosclerosis, tissue development, dental care. Sodium and natural salts could alleviate arthritic symptoms, and may stimulate the body’s lymphatic system.

Nakusp Hot Springs has all these minerals and more. International researchers are studying some specific effects.

Two years ago a Hungarian medical study by seven PhD scholars, six being MDs, showed that hot spring soaking is an effective treatment modality in elderly patients with osteoarthritis of the knee or with chronic low back pain, and its benefits lasted for at least 3 months after treatment.
Preventative health care at its best – what a win!

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